Food & Beverages and Tobacco

Control and drive systems for safer production processes

Products in food industry

Reliable and highly available drive-system products are one important factor in achieving optimal production results. For example, fluid couplings can be found in the drive systems of grinders, mills and shredders. Voith control systems regulate steam turbines for power generation. In shredders our universal joint shafts transfer the torque efficiently from the motor to the shredder rotor.

Products for the food and beverage industry:

  • Fluid couplings
  • Universal joint shafts
  • Hirth couplings
  • Actuators and control systems for turbomachinery

Food and beverages

For all areas of the foodstuffs and beverages industry we can provide our know-how about process air systems and refrigeration units.



With our air systems and equipment we can support the entire manufacturing process from storage through production and culminating in the packed final product.

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