Research & Development worldwide

As a global company, we conduct research and development internationally. Our R&D facilities around the world are closely networked, and we call upon the creative and entrepreneurial potential of a wide variety of cultures. Because we are close to our international partners and customers, we can react quickly to new requirements.

And at Voith, we always focus on our customers. Only ideas that will reduce the use of resources, improve your processes, lower your costs, and increase your paper quality go on to become a research and development project.

Wimpassing, Austria
Rolls and roll covers

Wimpassing, Österreich

Rolls and roll covers

The main focus in Wimpassing is on material testing and development as well as technology development. In our physical laboratory, we conduct material testing in the areas of thermoanalysis (DSC, TGA, DMA), electromechanical testing, test machines for tensile, as well as compression, bending, and abrasion tests.

The chemical laboratory carries out basic testing. Our rubber lab contains a lab mill, lab kneader, rheometer and lab presses. Finishing technology for polyurethane is developed in our technology centre. Five roll test stands for crash tests complete the picture.
St. Pölten, Austria

St. Pölten, Österreich

Board & packaging papers

The primary aim of the basic research conducted in St. Pölten is the research, development, design and market launch of new, market-relevant processes and products. A great deal of emphasis in daily work is naturally placed on cooperation with universities and other external research institutions.
Ravensburg, Germany
Fiber systems and pilot machine for board and packaging papers

Ravensburg, Germany

Fiber systems and pilot machine for board and packaging papers

Our stock preparation and wet end process technology is constantly under review to help customers meet the increasingly exacting requirements of printers and converters. We work closely together with fiber suppliers, printing houses, additive suppliers and research institutes. This strategy enables us to develop efficient and resource-saving processes and components to produce paper, tissue and board products.

The pilot machine for board and packaging papers is equipped with all of the essential elements. The individual components can be replaced in order to ensure the best possible environment for testing and development of new concepts. Besides resource-saving the main focus is to increase production and improve sheet quality.

Heidenheim, Germany
Paper Technology Center

In our Paper Technology Center, our customer can hold "his" paper of tomorrow in his hands today. Through the modular structure of the pilot machine system, several paper machine concepts can be compared with one another in a very short time.

For us the PTC is the biggest internal investment in the history of our company. For our customers, this means greater security for forthcoming decisions on investments.
Tranby, Norway

Stock preparation

In our Center of Competence for dewatering research and development in Tranby we develope disc filters for fiber stocks and saveall applications as well as screw presses for fiber stocks and sludges.
Motomiya, Japan

Motomiya, Japan

Fiber Systems and Coating

In the area of stock preparation trials for complete systems, subsystems and components for primary and secondary fibers are undertaken. A fully equipped laboratory is available for comprehensive testing of fiber stocks and paper samples to national and international standards

The pilot coater machinery includes a high speed coating line for graphic, speciality and board and packaging papers, a cast coating and a special and film coating line.




São Paulo, Brazil
Tissue Innovation Center

São Paulo, Brazil

Tissue Innovation Center

The objective of our research work in São Paulo is to develop machines that produce the required tissue papers competitively, efficiently and at a low investment cost. The focus is primarily on saving resources by reducing the amount of water, energy or virgin fibers used in the production process. Our Tissue Innovation Center in São Paulo is equipped with the latest technology. ATMOS and conventional tissue machines and all facilities necessary for tissue development and production are available at the center: stock preparation, fiber design system, wet and dry laboratory, water treatment, steam generation and storage depots for fibers.

Raleigh, NC, USA
Rolls and Roll Covers

Raleigh, NC, USA

The main focus in Raleigh is on material testing and development as well as simulation. In our physical laboratory, we conduct material testing in the areas of thermo analysis (DSC, TGA, DMA), dynamic material testing, abrasion measurement , and FT IR spectroscopy and microscopy.

The chemical laboratory carries out basic testing. Our rubber lab contains a lab mill, rheometer and lab presses. A roll test stand for crash tests completes the picture.

Krefeld, Germany
Finishing Technology Center

Krefeld, Germany

To achieve premium surface qualities a Janus calender and to generates standard and high surface values an EcoSoft calender is available. The NipcoFlex shoe calender is a suitable testing system for special paper surface or volume requirements. In addition, the combination test facility has three stacks that can be configured to enable any imaginable combination of hard nip, soft nip, and shoe calenders. In our lab, our customers can immediately analyse their calendering tests.



Tests can be carried out both in single-drum mode (VariPlus) and in two-drum mode (VariSprint/VariFlex). Speeds of up to 3,000 m/min and all variations of steel rolls and/or elastic roll covers are possible. 

Tail Threading
The TailPlus transfer test rig comprises the last dryer cylinder, the calender, and the reeler. All graphic paper grades can be tested and analyzed at a maximum transfer speed of 3,000 m/min.