Technology Centers

Voith Paper Technology Centers provide the maximum flexibility. We help you to improve your products, develop new ones (R&D) that meet your requirements, and fulfill your customers’ needs even further. We welcome you to check the potential of new machines, components or new technologies, thus guaranteeing tested quality levels. Along with developing solutions, the main focus is on analyzing new furnish types, raw material and energy savings; optimizing new processes; minimizing the risk for rebuilds; and comparing different machine and process concepts. The use of modern simulation methods complements the trials and helps to find the best settings in a cost-effective way.

Our Technology Centers are continuously updated with the latest technology and pioneering production processes for the paper industry. Different paper machine concepts, stock preparation systems, coating units with several coating colors and calenders with different settings can be tested. You can also use the centers to train your operators. All of our facilities are designed to be fully flexible so we can respond to your precise demands. Maintaining cost-effective papermaking while sustaining and advancing product quality demands careful attention to operating costs, especially for raw material, energy use and waste disposal. Voith Paper Technology Centers are available for you to pre-test equipment ahead of purchase and also help Voith engineers to analyze the efficiency and potential outcomes of our development activities.


Heidenheim, Germany
Tel. +49 7321 37 2487

Düren, Germany
Tel. +49 2421 4990

Motomiya, Japan
Tel. +81-243-36-4769

Sao Paulo, Brasil
Tel. +55 11 3944 4966