Coating Technology Centers

The pilot coaters at our technology centers offer the perfect opportunity to study coating processes and paper properties under real conditions. We provide you with the support you need to develop your own customized coating concept, carry out trials right up to the printing stage, and undertake basic studies to analyze the influence of machine parameters, coating colors or base paper on coated paper properties.

The pilot coaters at the Coating Technology Centers in Heidenheim and Motomiya offer the possibility of sizing or coating paper on different coating units. Along with state-of-the art methods like film press and blade coating, the latest technology like multi-layer curtain coating can also be demonstrated. The complete coating process for every grade from specialty up to board can be examined with your base paper and coating color raw materials. Finally, the best concept for your investment will be chosen. Furthermore, our experts support you in developing new paper products, such as new functionalities like barrier layers. Even the production of small lots for market test purposes is possible.

The Coating Technology Centers are also used frequently by R&D to test and demonstrate new Voith technology.


Heidenheim, Germany
Tel. +49 7321 37 2487

Motomiya, Japan
Tel. +81-243-36-4769