We provide the optimal analytical technology for fiber, paper and coating color. The samples taken from our pilot plant facilities are analyzed in the Voith laboratories using the latest techniques. This provides precise test data as a further basis for assessing the pilot plant results. For this reason our laboratory staff work closely with our R&D experts. You, as our customers, therefore benefit from the scientific know-how of our laboratory specialists, as they can analyze samples from your own plants.

We also use the laboratory for complex measurements that solve relevant problems for you.

We offer rapid and precisely reproducible analysis of stock, water and paper characteristics, using more than 80 different laboratory methods according to DIN, ISO, TAPPI or SCAN. Moreover, we use a professional IT system for all sample management and logging of laboratory test data. As an example, with the brand new powerful µ-CT (computer tomography), even small, hidden defects in the paper, not visible with common methods, will be detected and analyzed. All these results provide you with a dependable and conclusive foundation for decision-making, to support your process optimization investments.


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