Paper and Board Technology Center

At the Paper and Board Technology Center in Heidenheim, a paper machine and different test rigs allow you to examine your process under real conditions. A vast range of different paper grades can be tested.

The pilot paper machine enables you to test different machine layouts and different machine settings – along with tailor-made fabrics. Chemical dosing and dosing applications with stock can be adapted to the needs of your products.

For best results, we work closely with our Technology Centers for coating and calendering. Our modern laboratories analyze all the relevant parameters, to ensure reliable results for your pilot trials.

The pilot reel is an industrial-scale reel that can perform automatic reel changes. This enables detailed analysis of your paper parameters.

Through modeling and Simulation, the best design and settings for new machines can be found even before they undergo trials. Additionally, all above mentioned equipment is used to test new developments of Voith Paper.


Heidenheim, Germany
Tel. +49 7321 37 2487