Specialty Technology Center

The focus is on wet-laid processes at the Specialty Technology Center in Düren, Germany, where new forest-based and non-forest-based products can be developed and their manufacturing verified on an inclined former section. Here new Voith units (R&D) and individual machines for the wet-laid process are tested and perfected. The technology center is equipped with two pulpers, three machine chests, a refiner and deflaker to support you in developing new wet-laid products. The HydroFormer headbox and white water loop are suitable for 1, 2 and 3-ply tests.

In the Specialty Technology Center, tests on the inclined wire simulate production conditions. By using our pilot plants, we ensure tailor-made machines that offer optimal performance at your facility from the first day. In addition, operating parameters can be determined to prepare for system commissioning at your paper mill. The clothing can also be tested and optimized beforehand.

Key physical parameters can then be measured and evaluated in the adjacent laboratory.


Düren, Germany
Tel. +49 2421 4990

e-mail: paper@voith.com