Information Systems

To Make Your Production Run Smoothly

The modular design of our products and services makes it possible to select the right components for each task. You get a system that is optimally tailored to your processes in a short period of time. A multi-level maintenance concept ensures system availability.


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Overview of Our Services

Information Systems

Production Control and Management

The continuous flow of information between ERP systems and facilities in both order processing and process data acquisition ensures effective processes. The scalability of our systems allows for adjustments in the level of automation.

By integrating the expertise of our planning area, an optimal process image is achieved.


  • Order processing and management
  • Simulation and optimization methods
  • Worker support
  • Quality data collection and management
  • Interfaces with systems and linking, identification systems
  • Console functions
Product jitCATS

Material Flow Control

The automatic synchronization of production process and material deployment minimizes the inventory in production while achieving greater material availability.


  • Software solutions for various material deployment processes and methods
  • BOM explosion and process-oriented requirements planning
  • Inventory minimization
  • Interfaces with warehouse management systems
  • Permanent inventory
Product logiCATS

Maintenance Management

By integrating the planning and optimization results of our maintenance planners, the customer immediately receives usable systems with a strategy tailored to his processes.


  • Software solutions for maintenance planning
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Automatic machine data acquisition
  • Mobile maintenance management
  • RFID in maintenance
Product maintCATS

System Administration


  • Data networks
  • Active and passive network components
  • High-availability database cluster
  • Internet technologies
  • Support server and client operating systems
  • Network administration
  • Database administration

With Voith Engineering Services you will always benefit from the advantage of having an experienced partner with its own system background.