Upgrade for the dryer section

The modular DryStar upgrade package offers the possibility of ropeless threading and the certainty of increasing the runnability of the paper machine by stabilizing the web. This means that downtimes due to breaks or rope maintenance can be reduced. Threading times can also be reduced as a result of ropeless threading.

The web can be stabilized with the DryStar upgrade by using various air system internals. The TransferFoil or DuoTransferFoil is used at the inlet to the dryer section. In addition, the bottom drying cylinders of slalom groups within the machine can be drilled. This is done to save time, as the drying cylinders do not need to be removed. They are therefore converted to stabilizer rolls. As required ProRelease+ or DuoStabilizers can be used on these rolls. In the two-tier dryer groups S-Stabilizers and VentiStabilizers can be used above the asymmetrically arranged dryer fabric guide rolls. it is advantageous to make as many dryer groups as possible single-tier, as this increases runnability and simplifies the threading process.

For better ventilation within the single-tier drying groups VentiBox hot air blow boxes and VentiPipe hot air blow pipes are generally used. In the double-tier dryer groups another version of the VentiBox hot air blow box can be used for slow machines and the VentiDoc blow doctor for high basis weights. These blow hot, dry air into the pockets within the machine. The air absorbs the steam and carries it out. To ensure threading quality in the area of the stabilizer roll (drilled drying cylinder) a cutting disk can be built into the roll. This means that the tail is held securely to the dryer fabric during threading.


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