Effective cleaning of wet end clothing

The DuoCleaner is an efficient cleaning system for the wet section. With up to 10 rotating, fine high-pressure cleaning jets, it acts deep in the structure of the clothing.

At an operating pressure of up to 27.5 MPa, the cleaning head crosses the wire width and through this mechanized action removes even highly adherent contamination that cannot be dissolved by conventional cleaning systems. The impurities are removed using doctors and trays. Sectional contamination or individual marks can be subjected to a more intensive cleaning process with the DuoCleaner.

Edge contamination can also be removed on both sides and in any frequency and width. Permeability is maintained due to the clean wire structure. Breaks and paper defects are reduced due to the clean wire surface. In addition, uniform drainage improves retention and CD profiles. The requirement for additional cleaning agents is also reduced.

As an additional tool or replacement for conventional showers, the DuoCleaner is an efficient system for challenging cleaning tasks in the wet section.


Brochure Cleaning Forming Fabrics (1.04 MB)

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