DuoCleaner / DuoCleaner Express - Revision

DuoCleaner / DuoCleaner Express - Revision

Voith ensures reliable functioning

Regular checking is important to ensure high runnability of the paper machine and also high reliability of the forming fabric, felt and dryer fabric cleaning, especially for components with a considerable maintenance outlay, such as DuoCleaner or DuoCleaner Express.

In accordance with the rules of the Employer’s Liability Insurance Association for occupational health and safety (BGR 500, sec. 2.36, point 4), regular checking of the high pressure system is required. Independently of this, the cleaning heads or the cleaning and drive nozzles should be checked and, if necessary, replaced at regular intervals between 2 and 4 times per year. In addition, assessment of the moving parts such as energy chain, hoses and rollers also takes place. Preventive replacement is carried out in accordance with the recommended service plan. The high pressure pump which is important for the system also requires regular monitoring with the replacement of filters, seals and valves. Flawless functioning of the DuoCleaner or DuoCleaner Express is assured through maintenance/upkeep by Voith Paper with suitable special tools and replacement parts.

Voith Paper can also overhaul the disassembled parts at our Service Center.


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