Improved quality in calendering

The FlexiTherm heating system improves calendering in the calender for new or modified paper qualities. Optimal cross profiles are generated by means of a uniform roll surface temperature.

The FlexiTherm system consists of FlexiTherm heated rolls with peripherally drilled rotary connections and FlexiTherm heating/cooling systems that are heated by electricity, steam or gas and use water, oil or steam as a heating medium. Tempered heated rolls improve the cross profiles, since temperature differences are evened out over the working width. Thermal crown bows of the rolls are thus minimized. Optimal cross profiles are achieved by means of the uniform roll surface temperature. In addition, the speed can be increased without changing calendering results.

Older supercalenders and soft calenders can be modernized and the calendering results improved with the FlexiTherm heating system and its tempered heated rolls. The product line is completed with the FlexiThermCoil external inductive heating device for increasing the heating output while simultaneously protecting the roll material. It also includes the FlexiThermEdge edge heater for equalizing thermal effects in the edge area.


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