Roll covers for high loads

The stainless steel roll covers G-Flex which are especially wear resistant extend grinding intervals in the press section and increase the efficiency of your paper production.

In the press section extremely high loads are obtained: Heat development in the nip often causes deformations on the surface of conventional roll covers and reduces the effective storage volume which leads to less dewatering efficiency. The G-Flex roll covers, however, make phenomena like these to a thing of the past due to their innovative grooved stainless steel surface. Because of minimum wear and very good heat transfer the performance keeps unchanged and internal roll cooling is no longer required. The material is resistant to cleaning as well as doctoring and withstands the extremely high loads in the press section. Thus an optimum dewatering of the paper web can be generated.

G-Flex roll covers are an optimum alternative to conventional polyurethane or rubber covers. Along with the maximum performance, the covers feature minimized maintenance. By choosing Voith G-Flex covers, you benefit from long-term reduced shutdown times as well as from an increased efficiency of your paper production!


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