Pioneering Dewatering with HiCon 2.0 and BaglessPlus Technology


InfiltraDiscfilter (IDF) is the pacemaker of dewatering, operating without any filter bags. Thanks to the latest HiCon 2.0 technology, the consistency limit can be increased significantly. IDF disc filters ensure a reliable and almost maintenance-free operation.

BlueLine Advantages

Higher Runability
The BaglessPlus discs achieve running times of up to 18 years.
Reduced Fiber Loss
The outstanding filtrate quality leads to a long lasting reduction in fiber loss. In particular for save-all applications, high fiber losses due to holes and cracks in the bags can be avoided because no damages of the bags occur.
Lower Maintenance Cost
By using the newly developed BaglessPlus disc filters without filter bags, the time- and cost-intensive replacement of worn-out filter bags can be avoided.
Lower Water Consumption
The sealing technology and the optimized filtrate valves effectively separate fibers from filtrates. Likewise, the outstanding filtrate quality allows savings in the amount of fresh water used.


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The BlueLine product familiy from Voith offers efficient stock preparation

With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used. more


InfiltraDiscfilter - Pioneering Dewatering with HiCon 2.0 and BaglessPlus

InfiltraDiscfilter - Pioneering Dewatering with HiCon 2.0 and BaglessPlus

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Disc filter rebuild - The Voith product range to optimize the dewatering process

Disc filter rebuild - The Voith product range to optimize the dewatering process

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Benefits of InfiltraDiscfilter

Water and Fiber Savings

Significant water and fiber savings are possible with IDF disc filters

  • Increased cleanliness of water loops
  • Utmost quality of super clear filtrate
  • Replacement of fresh water by filtrate
  • Saves cost in fresh water preparation
  • Fewer solids get lost to effluent treatment

Excellent Filtrate Quality for Years

InfiltraDiscfilter and Bagless plus filter segments ensure excellent filtrate quality for years

  • BaglessPlus segments have a very long lifetime
  • Sealing concept ensures clean filtrates
  • No contamination of superclear filtrate
  • IDF filtrate quality sets the benchmark
  • Large producers rely on BaglessPlus

Reliable Operation

The combination of BaglessPlus filter discs and IDF disc filters allows for reliable operation and robustness

  • Proven concept for more than 18 years
  • All IDF disc filters equipped with BaglessPlus
  • Most robust disc filter on the market
  • Can withstand harshest conditions
  • Reliable knock off and cleaning

Minimum Maintenance Effort

The maintenace effort for the PPT filter bag changing procedure is eliminated with BaglessPlus filter discs
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 PP filter bag changing procedure > Omitted with BaglessPlus

  • Search for damaged bags is a nuisance
  • Rebagging procedure takes hours
  • BaglessPlus is reliable for years
  • No spare part handling needed with BaglessPlus
  • BaglessPlus is HP cleaning resistant

Our Solutions

Leading Dewatering Technology: InfiltraDiscfilter with BaglessPlus Discs
Leading dewatering technology: InfiltraDiscfilter with BaglessPlus filter discs
  • 5.7 m (IDF570) and 3.7 m (IDF370) disc diameter possible
  • Up to 24 discs
  • Available with or without HiCon 2.0 technology
  • For fiber recovery and thickening
  • Fiber and vacuum proof sealing design
  • Robust operation with BaglessPlus
  • Based on famous Thune DF design
BaglessPlus Technology
BaglessPlus filter disc segments are almost maintenance-free and very reliable
  • 5.7 m, 3.7 m and other disc diameters
  • Up to 20% more throughput
  • Proven reliability for 18 years
  • Eliminates frequent bag change
  • Leading papermakers rely on BaglessPlus
HiCon 2.0 Technology
HiCon 2.0 technology for higher inlet consistencies and more capacity in the disc filter
  • Safe guidance of discs in solid rails; eliminates risk of crash
  • Inlet consistencies up to 2% possible
  • Significantly reduced pumping power
  • Up to 20% more throughput
  • HiCon guiding system and BaglessPlus filter discs also available as rebuild kit
Disc Filter in Tissue Systems
Voith offers disc filters for tissue plants
  • Consistent excellence in filtrate quality
  • Water, fiber and chemical savings
  • Long lifetime of tissue machine fabrics
  • Replacement for cloth filter or flotation
Disc Filter in Recycled Paper Plants
InfiltraDiscfilter disc filters for recycled paper mills are very robust and offer improved yield with less fiber loss
  • Outstanding robustness
  • More capacity to increase production
  • Available with HiCon option
  • Improved yield and less fiber loss
Saveall Disc Filter
Saveall disc filters offer excellent filtrate quality for years and reduced fresh water consumption
  • 10 to 50 ppm filtrate quality for years
  • Key to reduced fresh water consumption
  • Improves lifetime of paper machine fabrics and felts
  • Can be used for broke thickening
Rebuild and Upgrade Options
Voith offers rebuild and upgrade options of existing disc filters for quality and capacity improvements
  • Vast portfolio to upgrade many brands
  • Overcome low disc filter capacity
  • Upgrade poor super clear filtrate quality
  • Improve operational reliability
  • Ask for an expert to check your filter
How to Retain Fibers
Fibers can be retained with BaglessPlus and InfiltraDiscfilter state-of-the-art technology
  • Replace filter bags with BaglessPlus
  • Avoid felt gaskets
  • Use state-of-the-art sealing concepts
  • Smooth fiber mat formation
  • Always have an eye on your filtrate quality

Dewatering Basics

Dewatering Theory

Dewatering theory with regard to disc filters

  • Characteristic curves for each furnish
  • Dewatering time disc filter 30-60 s
  • 70% throughput after half the dewatering time
  • +10°C leads to 5-8% more capacity
  • Vacuum has strong influence

HiCon in Operation

The features of HiCon technology make it especially suitable for high freeness applications.

Due to operation at high inlet consistencies, the filter can fully take advantage of the furnish's good dewatering properties.

The IDF disc filter can be operated at very high fiber mat thickness and shows an excellent knock off.

Your Project

Production Increase
Increase production with IDF disc filter and BaglessPlus discs
  • A new InfiltraDiscfilter with high surface BaglessPlus discs is the solution for limited dewatering capacity
  • For a system rebuild that calls for additional dewatering capacity, IDF disc filters are most suitable
  • Your fiber recovery system is outdated and filtrates cannot be used in the paper machine? IDF offers great cost reduction   
  • You are planning to install a new paper or tissue machine? Ask for InfiltraDiscfilter, which sets today’s benchmark   
Saving Water and Process Chemicals
Save fresh water and process chemicals with super clear filtrate from IDF disc filter
  • State-of-the-art specific water consumption goes down to 3.5 l/kg for testliner and tissue production lines
  • Super clear filtrate from IDF disc filter provides an excellent source for fresh water replacement
  • The more fresh water is used the more process chemicals are washed out of the system
  • The benefits of fresh water savings can be significant. Ask for an estimate!
Environmental, Effluent Treatment and Yield
Cleaner water loops due to excellent filtrate quality, fiber recovery and discharge of the effluent treatment plant by installing InfiltraDiscfilter and BaglessPlus
  • Recover fiber from your effluent streams to save cost of effluent and sludge handling
  • Protect your effluent treatment plant from overload by installing a disc filter
  • Strict environmental legislation: take advantage of cleaner water loops due to excellent filtrate quality
  • Old/inefficient effluent treatment plants may be relieved by installing BaglessPlus technology
Common Problems and Their Root Causes
Issue Possible Reason
Low Production
  • Poor knock off due to plugged nozzles
  • Clogged filter bags
  • Insufficient cleaning of discs
  • Low vacuum
  • Low level in vat
Poor mat formation
  • Low vacuum
  • Inlet consistency too low
  • Low level in vat
High solids content in filtrates
  • Broken filter bags
  • Broken filter segments
  • Damaged sealings
  • Sweetener too low
High motor load
  • High inlet consistency
  • Low filter speed
  • Discs touching chutes


Check Your Filtrate Quality

Save All Disc Filter

My white water
Cons. (%)

Thickening Disc Filter

My inlet to disc filter
Cons. (%)
Ash (%)
My filtrate quality
Clear cons. (mg/l)
Superclear cons. (mg/l)
My filtrate quality
Clear cons. (mg/l)
Reduction of solids in filtrate by installing IDF technology *
*) Given values are indicative, please contact Voith for detailed information

Please use a decimal comma for typing in numbers.
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Determine Your Washout Rate

Solids which get lost with discharged water
Paper production
Spec. water consumption
Spec. effluent
Today's values
Filtrate consistency (clear or superclear)
Filtrate to effluent and rejects
Values with IDF and Bagless technology
Filtrate consistency* (clear or superclear)
*) Can be assessed by Check Your Filtrate Quality

Please use a decimal comma for typing in numbers.
Reduction of solids content in effluent by
Fiber which is recoverd by using BaglessPlus and reduction
of solids to primary effluent treatment
*) Given values are indicative, please contact Voith for detailed information

Please use a decimal comma for typing in numbers.
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Flow and Energy Calculator

Calculation Cost Saving Pumping Energy

Existing DF HiCon*
Paper production
% inlet cons.
*) Typically 1,1 to 2%

Please use a decimal comma for typing in numbers.
Dilution header line
Pump efficiency
Power requirement
Energy cost
Power Saving
Annual Cost Saving
Relative savings
*) Given values are indicative, please contact Voith for detailed information

Please use a decimal comma for typing in numbers.

Calculation Production


Calculation Flow Velocity

No of pipes
Cross section
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Freeness Converter

°SR value
ml CSF Value
*) Given values are indicative and may slightly deviate depending on type of stock

Please use a decimal comma for typing in numbers.
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