Polyurethane roll covers without limitations

InForce is a polyurethane roll cover for the press section that offers optimum strength, abrasion resistance and groove stability.

The InForce roll cover ensures consistent dewatering performance contributing to stable dry content and potential energy savings.

InForce is a further development of the proven G2000 cover and has outstanding groove stability even under extreme conditions. This unique ability to retain the void volume provides for maximum dewatering during the entire running time of the roll cover. The surface design can be maximized with a combination of deep, wide grooves and narrow land widths, delivering a higher void volume previously unmatched in the industry. For applications with a maximum void volume, further sophisticated surface designs are available in blind-drilled or blind-drilled-grooved versions. InForce is an extremely hard polyurethane roll cover, perfect for replacing stainless steel roll covers with the additional benefit of extending the service life of the clothing.

The polyurethane roll cover is the first choice for heavily stressed felt-covered press roll positions.