M&D balancing of dewatering

M&D balancing of dewatering

Identifying weak spots in the forming area

Within the framework of balancing dewatering, the dry content of the paper web is determined in the former at various points of the production. This allows optimal setting of the former.

With the aid of devices for measuring consistency, the dry content of the paper web is determined at various points in the dewatering section. Dewatering curves are calculated from these data that provide information about the settings of the dewatering elements and the overall efficiency of the former. The data measured are compared with setting parameters (vacuums, strip pressures, foil angle, if applicable) to identify reliable recommendations for improved machine operation. They also form the basis for setting optimizations and/or benchmark analyses. In addition, the information enables the identification of imbalances in the paper very early in the production process through comparative measurements of the operator side and drive side and deriving corrective measures.

Balancing of dewatering is carried out in order to determine the dry content in the former.


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