M&D chemical technology

M&D chemical technology

Optimization of the machine/chemistry interface

M&D chemical technology covers hidden optimization potentials at the interface of machine and chemistry in the manufacturing process and compiles concrete measures to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The modular structure of the Voith M&D chemical technology allows a tailor-made analysis package for all customer-specific requirements and situations. It includes taking an inventory of the current processes on site. This determines the type and scope of the measuring program required.

The data obtained are analyzed by a team of experts assembled for each specific case. A sensitivity analysis using system software specially developed by Voith for this purpose will also assess the performance of the equipment currently installed or of equipment that could be added.

M&D chemical technology identifies existing optimization potentials and combines them to produce integrated solution strategies. Specifically, these recommendations for action involve the areas of metering and blending technology, controls, bleeding technology, volume of impurities (anionic trash) and contaminants in the system, chemical use, process stability, fresh water use, process water management, water loop restriction, and gradient and Tapio analysis.


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