M&D winding quality – winder

M&D winding quality – winder

Restoring and optimizing roll quality

The analysis of the winding quality of winders is an important step in solving winding problems. The required roll quality is restored and optimized in the process.

Mechanical wear on the winder or the faulty alignment and setting of machine components can substantially influence the winding quality of finished rolls. In a detailed analysis, Voith specialists look into the causes of errors and eliminate them. The current winding quality and the alignment of stations are checked, and also whether the rolls are parallel.

In addition, the analysis includes monitoring and set-up of the press cylinder and determining the current friction coefficients. Winding parameters, drive curves and the control behavior of the drives are checked and optimized.

Checking the winding quality on the winder facilitates error analysis if there is a high number of waste rolls or quality deficits with the rolls. The aim of the analysis is restoration and optimization of the required roll quality.


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