The calender cover for permanent gloss

NanoGloss is the first calender cover that provides a high degree of gloss and smoothness as well as mechanical strength and impact resistance.


NanoGloss offers a smart combination of highest gloss levels and mechanical stability and thus produces paper with a wonderful glow and smoothness. Good calendering is a challenging task as it consists of two stages impacting each other. At first one paper side faces a series of thermo rolls to create perfect smoothness and gloss. In a next step the paper faces composite rolls. Any surface roughness and topographical structure of their covers will leave an imprint in the paper just like a fingerprint. Only NanoGloss with its smooth and even surface maintains all the beautiful calendering effects over the entire lifetime.

Besides, NanoGloss has the greatest impact in the last roll positions, but can be installed in any other calender position as well. With NanoGloss neither wear nor damage nor inflexibility poses a problem as it combines smooth calendering and impressive strength. On top of that, NanoGloss has the potential to allow for significant coating cost savings due to its excellent material properties.


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