NipcoFlex revision

NipcoFlex revision

Minimal downtime and maximum performance

Regular maintenance of NipcoFlex presses at intervals of two to three years is the precondition for a lasting guarantee of maximum performance. For this, Voith offers a comprehensive service.

Within the framework of the NipcoFlex revision, Voith determines the required scope of replacement and wear parts, as well as the personnel and time required. Overhauling the press shoe and loading unit ensures perfect functioning and therefore optimum paper dewatering. The piston-cylinder loading unit is completely renovated within the framework of the revision. In addition, a flawless condition of the clamping disks is brought about in order to ensure optimum operation of the NipcoFlex press and long press sleeve running times. The main task of the revision is checking the cooling oil supply and oil extraction. During the final check and cleaning of the roll, all connections are tightened and any scratches on support bars or clamping disks are removed. A concluding service report on all work done completes the revision.

Regular checking of NipcoFlex presses ensures sustained maximum performance and minimum downtime.


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