OnC ConSens 700

OnC ConSens 700

Reliably measuring overall stock consistency

OnC ConSens 700 is an optical sensor with integrated air bubble compensation. With its six-channel alternating stream process, it measures the overall stock consistency together with ash and fines.

OnC ConSens 700

OnC ConSens 700 was developed for applications in which measuring methods based on gravity are inadequate due to the measuring principle. It has a large measuring range, is easy to operate, and is ideally suitable to measure overall stock consistency with ash variations in the raw material, even with a high portion of reject. In addition, measurements of turbidity and solid contents in the clear/turbid filtrate and retention measurements in the white water are possible. The integrated air bubble compensation provides for stable measurement results.

OnC ConSens is suitable for graphic paper, board and packaging, de-inked stock and pulp, as well as production control in stock preparation.


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