Original replacement parts for pumps

Original replacement parts for pumps

High degree of availability due to accurately fitting original parts

For each of its pumps, Voith Paper provides accurately fitting original spare parts and replaces them quickly and easily. The high quality standard of the Voith Paper machine is thus maintained.

Originalersatzteile für Pumpen

Thanks to their rugged design and the use of high-quality materials, especially with components subject to wear, more than 20,000 Voith pumps reliably perform their work day after day. Should repairs be needed at some point, original replacement parts are available even after decades of use.

Through quick access to replacement and wear parts, which may even be held in stock, the availability of the respective machine can be ensured. Adaptation of pumps to changed production requirements is possible to optimize the power requirement.

Original replacement parts for Voith pumps are still available even decades later.


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