Pilot tissue machine at the Sao Paulo PTC

Pilot tissue machine at the Sao Paulo PTC

Testing various system concepts and tissue qualities

Various machine concepts and paper qualities can be tested with the pilot tissue machine. This reduces investment risk and optimizes paper quality.

The PTC in São Paulo, established in 1994, is equipped with a pilot tissue machine, stock preparation, fiber design system, wet and dry labs, water treatment, steam generation and fiber storage.

The pilot tissue machine allows many machine configurations; for example, the headbox can be equipped with one, two or three layers. In addition, use of a CrescentFormer or DuoFormer is possible, as is use of a conventional press or a NipcoFlex T. Basis weight ranges from 10 to 60 g/m² can be tested. Production speeds up to 2,000 m/min are possible with a paper width of 1,000 mm on the pilot machine.

The production process of an existing machine and the paper quality can be improved with the pilot tissue machine. In addition, investment risk with a new machine or rebuild can be reduced.