Smoothness and gloss allowing excellent print results

Depending on the purpose for which a paper is used, its surface must have certain properties – especially smoothness and gloss. These properties are imparted to the paper by calenders. Calenders are machines with up to 15 rolls arranged one above the other, which are run together under pressure and then form closed nips.

When the paper web passes through these nips, it is exposed to mechanical and thermal forces that give the paper the required surface properties. Calenders are subdivided into two main types: calenders that consist exclusively of hard rolls (so-called machine calenders) and calenders that are equipped with alternate hard and plastic covered resilient rolls.

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The EcoCal calender is for online calibration of the paper web and gives the paper a constantly precise thickness due to its hard nip between rolls. The smoothness can also be increased.
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EcoSoft calenders give the paper web a uniform consistency with slightly varying density by means of an elastic nip. Visual characteristics such as gloss and smoothness are positively influenced.
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The Janus MK 2 is a calender that for the first time combines the advantages of the classic supercalender with the efficiency of the familiar online soft calender.
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NipcoFlex Kalander

NipcoFlex calender

The NipcoFlex calender is a soft calender characterized by a longer dwell time of the web in the nip. A higher volume with the same surface quality can be achieved.
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Supercalenders are multi-nip calenders that are always installed offline. They are designed for high speeds and consist of an unwind section, a stand for support of the roll stack, and a reel section.
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