Improve optical cleanliness

The primary goal of flotation deinking is the selective removal of printing ink, stickies and hydrophobic impurities in general from the stock suspension, thus improving the brightness and optical appearance of the product. Fillers and coating particles can also be removed efficiently with flotation.

Selectivity is important for retaining useful material such as fibers in the accepts. The selectivity criteria is the wettability of the particle surfaces. The more hydrophobic the particle surface, the better it adheres to an air bubble and the better the chance of its removal.

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The InjectaCell flotation system removes contaminants from the stock suspension with minimal fiber loss. Due to the two-stage design, the flotation process is extremely efficient.
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InjectaCell Compact

InjectaCell Compact achieves high savings in investment and maintenance in flotation through eliminating the secondary flotation cell.
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InjectaPump guarantees stable operation, even with highly varying foaming behavior and changing amounts of foam. Since it combines foam destroyer, subsequent de-aeration and pump all in one machine, the investment cost is low.
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LowEnergyFlotation (LEF) is a patented low-energy deinking flotation with minimal fiber loss. It effectively removes inks and hydrophobic contaminants from recovered paper.
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