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Fibers from virgin pulp, recovered paper or paper machine broke are pulped with water to form a suspension in the  “Pulping” process step. An optimal pulping technology can be selected, depending on the type of furnish, production output and the contaminant included in the furnish. Pulping systems for recovered paper not only break down the fiber material, but also remove large non-recyclable components (rejects). It is, therefore, important to balance the main pulping parameters such as stock consistency, temperature, mechanical attrition, dwell time and chemical additives so that trash components are not broken down unnecessarily and, thus, made more difficult to screen later in the process. Pulping of recovered paper also has to consider the various parameters for downstream ink removal if used for graphical paper products.

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Broke pulper AF without screen / AFS with screen

The broke pulpers AF without screen / AFS with screen provide excellent pulping rates and occupy minimal space. They are used with couch or press broke.
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CompactPulper CP

The CompactPulper CP ensures reliable pulping of broke through improved rotor contact and a higher circulation rate.
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DrumScreen STR

As the final stage in pulper detrashing systems, the DrumScreen STR ensures a reliable pulping and screening process. The overhung drum bearing facilitates easy maintenance.
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BlueLine Auflösung pulping runnability Maintenance wartung Stoffaufbereitung stock preparation


IntensaDrum is a pulping drum for efficient pulping. It performs in a consistency range of 15% to 20%, gently pulping the paper and separating the fibers from contaminants.
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BlueLine IntensaMaXX Pulperentsorgungsmaschine pulper detrashing machine Verspinnungen spinnings Stoffaufbereitung stock preparation Auflösung Pulping runnability runability


The IntensaMaXX pulper detrashing machine prevents any stringings and therefore allows for the maximum concentration of contaminants. Fiber loss is reduced to a minimum through a washing cycle.
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BlueLine IntensaPulper IP-R IP-V Stoffaufbereitung stock preparation Auflösung Pulping Energie energy runnability runability


IntensaPulper facilitates efficient pulping of fibers from virgin pulp, recovered paper or paper machine broke in stock preparation.
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TwinDrum, Auflösung, pulping, Altpapier, recovered paper, Stoffaufbereitung, stock preparation, runnability, Auflösetrommel, pulping drum, BlueLine


IntensaTwindrum technology integrates two separate processes: pulping and sorting of recovered paper. This makes it an efficient and effective recovered paper pulping unit with the highest input capacity.
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Ragger ZW

The Ragger ZW from Voith treats brown recovered paper that has wire in it and reliably removes all spinning contaminants.
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