Refining / Deflaking

Refining / Deflaking

Selective influence on stock quality

Refining influences the required product characteristics by modifying the strength potential. On one hand, this is done by activating the fibers, and on the other hand, by systematically changing the fiber length spectrum. Together with the correct choice of fibers, refining has the greatest influence on stock quality.

Refining can either be low consistency (LC), or high consistency (HC) or a combination of both, depending on product requirements. It is also possible to determine refining results in advance through laboratory tests.

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The deflaker brings about optimal breaking down of pulp and recovered paper fibers through acceleration and delay processes. Process efficiency can thus be improved.
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Pluralis refiner fillings

Pluralis refiner fillings allow effective refining of the pulp. They convey a high output per refining machine to the raw material, allowing the number of refiners to be reduced.
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Standard refiner fillings

With a comprehensive range of refiner fillings, Voith allows the optimal setting of formation on the paper machine. Uniform refining provides for consistent quality of the fibers.
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TwinFlo TF.E

The TwinFlo double-disk refiner can effectively handle various fibers since it can be individually set by a multitude of available fittings.
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