Water - Rejects

Water - Rejects

Clean solutions for water and rejects

In paper production, the desired end product is paper. However, there are numerous unwelcome by-products like waste water, sludge and rejects that cannot be avoided. Treating these as sustainably as possible and integrating them into the process are key objectives in a great number of Voith developments. In particular, the consumption of water in paper production could be substantially reduced with the cutting-edge solutions invented in recent years: Waste water is cleaned using state-of-the-art Voith technology and returned directly to the process. With integrated solutions incorporating the entire paper production process, we reduce the consumption of resources for manufacture and help our customers save costs.

These solutions also include modern processes for disposal and after-treatment of the paper sludge that occurs as a waste by-product in various stages of the stock preparation process. With its new CTC technology, Voith is helping to create valuable mineral products and energy from these previously unusable residues.

Even useless coarse materials and rejects such as plastic, paper clips or metal parts can be reutilized using advanced Voith technology. By burning rejects and residues in a gas and steam facility with a residual material boiler, for example, steam and energy can be produced and used for internal requirements. In addition, for the dewatering, transport and compacting of such materials, we offer high-performance solutions that allow reliable and clean rejects handling.

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