Removal of contaminants with minimal fiber loss

LC cleaning systems are used to remove fine heavy and lightweight contaminants as well as entrained air. This provides a clean fiber material but also reduces wear and tear in the downstream equipment. LC cleaners are used for recovered paper stock systems, approach flow systems, and stock preparation systems with virgin fibers.

To minimize fiber loss, the rejects have to be processed in subsequent cleaner stages. There are two or three cleaner stages in Voith`s recovered paper systems. In the approach flow system, no more than four stages are required.

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HiClean HCL5-l with EcoMizer

HiClean HCL5-l with EcoMizer technology is a multi-stage system for cleaning fiber suspensions. It removes heavy contaminants in the stock preparation and approach flow systems.
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High-consistency cleaner HiCC400B/HiCC600B

The high-consistency cleaners HiCC400B and HiCC 600B reliably remove heavy ingredients from pulp suspensions at consistencies up to 4.5%, thereby protecting downstream machines against wear.
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