SensoTension revision

SensoTension revision

Less clothing wear, better paper quality

The SensoTension tensioning system has proven itself in both fabric and felt tensioning. Precise maintenance by professional Voith personnel ensures reliable tension.

Maintenance of the tensioning system in the press section (SensoTension P) and the dryer section (SensoTension) differs slightly due to the design. In the press section, Voith recommends an annual check of the spindle nut play, the sliding components on the tensioning carriage, and the final position switch at the running rail. In the dryer section, the chain tension on the tensioning carriage should be serviced every three months and the attachment screws of the swivel drive every six months. In addition, the limit switches of the running rail and at the torque support should be checked every 12 months. If necessary, Voith experts replace the parts, motors or gear units involved.

Regular expert maintenance of the tensioning system in the press section and dryer section reduces clothing wear and therefore costs.


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