Spare parts / repairs

Spare parts / repairs

Fast availability for shorter downtimes

The fast availability of spare parts is gaining ever-greater importance with paper mills. High quality parts and perfected logistics guarantee short downtimes and high availability of systems. Our customers' goal to minimize capital investment in stocking spare parts is met by intelligent concepts.

We will provide you with original (O.E.M.) spare parts for all equipment supplied by us, irrespective of the year of installation and service life. This includes all machinery directly connected with Voith. We also have the engineering capability to provide non-Voith machines with spare part retrofits and replacements.

We offer original spare parts for machines of the following companies:

  • Allis Chalmers
  • Bird Escher Wyss
  • Bird Machine Company
  • Dorries
  • Fibron Machine Company
  • Finckh
  • Hunt & Moscrop
  • Hymac
  • Impact Systems
  • Jagenberg
  • Jonsson
  • Kleinewefers
  • Kvaerner
  • Manchester Machine Company
  • Morden Machine Company
  • Thune
  • Valley Iron Works
  • Voith Sulzer 



  • Allis-Chalmers Breaker Stack
  • Allis-Chalmers Calender
  • Allis-Chalmers Fourdrinier
  • Allis-Chalmers Headbox
  • Allis-Chalmers Press

Bird Escher Wyss

  • Escher Wyss Calender
  • Escher Wyss Deflaker
  • Escher Wyss Disperger
  • Escher Wyss Disperser
  • Escher Wyss Filter
  • Escher Wyss Fourdrinier
  • Escher Wyss Headbox
  • Escher Wyss Press

Bird Machine Company

  • Bird Escher Wyss
  • Bird Axiguard Screen
  • Bird Barrier Screen
  • Bird CentriScreen
  • Bird Cleaner
  • Bird Deflaker
  • Bird Jonsson Vibration Screen
  • Bird Pressure Screen


  • Dorries Press


  • Finckh Pressure Screens
  • Finckh Thickener

Hunt & Moscrop

  • Hunt & Moscrop Calender


  • Hymac Cleaners
  • Hymac Pulpers

Impact Systems


    • Jagenberg Coater
    • Jagenberg Winder


    • Jonsson Vibration Screen


    • Kleinewefers Calender
    • Kleinewefers Supercalender


    • Kvaerner Hymac Screw Press

    Manchester Machine Company

    • Manchester Calender Stack
    • Manchester Couch Roll
    • Manchester Drum Dryer
    • Manchester Fourdrinier
    • Manchester Headbox
    • Manchester Press
    • Manchester Reel
    • Manchester Winder

    Morden Machine Company

    • Morden Brute Pulper
    • Morden Pulper
    • Morden Refiner
    • Morden Slushmaker Pulper


    • Thune Screw Press

    Valley Iron Works

    • Valley Iron Works Headbox

    Voith Sulzer

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    Spare parts / repairs  

    Assessment and repair work

    The Voith Paper repair service provides for qualitative repair of the components in the production line. Therefore, availability of the machine is increased, and risk of downtime is reduced.
    Product Details
    OnC DiscValve 550

    OnC DiscValve 550

    The OnC DiscValve is a soft-sealing valve that blocks liquids and gases and performs simple control tasks. The modular design of the valve simplifies parts replacement.
    Product Details

    Rechroming of screen baskets

    Due to operational wear in screening, the heads of profile bars frequently wear out. Replacing the chrome layer ensures constantly high screening quality.
    Product Details

    Rotor Refurbishment Service

    With the Rotor Refurbishment Service from Voith, you extend the service life of your flat screen rotors and reduce wear-related energy and fiber losses.
    Product Details

    Screen baskets – rechroming

    Replacing the chrome coating of screen baskets maintains the contour of the profile bars, as well as the underlying screening technology. Small particles in the pulp will therefore not wear down the profile head.
    Product Details

    Screw Press Service

    Due to regular and professional maintenance of your press screw, you prevent wear-related production losses and ensure long operating lifetime.
    Product Details

    Screw presses – screen basket refurbishment

    Refurbishment of screen baskets improves the capacity of the screw press. In addition, this maintenance extends the service life of screens and thus increases their cost-effectiveness.
    Product Details

    Zero Power RAM

    In order to maintain the functional capability of data storage in the winder control, the Zero Power RAM memory elements have to be replaced regularly.
    Product Details