New rider roll control ensures better winding

VariLoad is a rider roll control for winders that replaces the DWS 3 rider roll control for two-drum winders. VariLoad achieves better winding thanks to reproducible winding parameters.

VariLoad offers the same functionality as the old DWS 3 but is equipped with modern hardware and up-to-date operation. In addition, service functions such as diameter adjustment and machine data are stored on a password-protected page. The existing diameter detection can be taken over or replaced by modern profibus angle encoders. Voith is replacing the old DWS 3 with a modern S7-based system or retrofitting it with a self-sufficient rider roll control, if none is present.

VariLoad can be used in all winders that are equipped with a DWS 3. Winders without electronic rider roll control can be easily and inexpensively rebuilt.


Benjamin Kitze

Global Product Manager Finishing Rebuilds

Tel. : +49 7321 37 2186


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