Voith TurboHoist Retractable Guide Rail

Voith TurboHoist Retractable Guide Rail 

shaft hoisting, retractable guide rail

More cost-effective, safer shaft transport – the Voith TurboHoist Retractable Guide Rail

In mines with several floor levels, the Voith TurboHoist Retractable Guide Rail enables faster passage of the conveyor cage along the floor level than systems with classic corner guiding. The unique Voith solution also greatly increases safety as there is no need to jump over the guide in the floor area.

Using a special tensioning technique, it replaces the continuous guide rail and makes it possible to load and unload the conveyor cage across the entire opening. Movement along the floor levels at conveyor cage speeds of up to 16 m/s can be achieved. Conveying 4-5% more on each floor trip results in a significant productivity increase. The guide rail, when closed, forms a continuous guide-rail run without interruptions or shoulders. The shaft signal system provides control. It is only possible to move the conveyor cages when the hub guide rail is closed.


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Technical Data

Transport speed

  • People: up to 12 m/s
  • Material: up to 16 m/s

Benefits and Uses

  • High efficiency by conveying up to 4-5% more on each floor trip thanks to the high speed
  • Greater safety due to the continuous guide-rail run without interruption
  • Replaces standard slow-speed corner guiding
  • Exceptional safety when guiding the cage on the floor level

Typical Applications

  • Shaft hoisting in underground mining


With more than 100 years of working with conveyor technology products in underground coal mining, we offer customized solutions for mining conveyor technology and tailor-made systems for shaft hoisting.

We are your engineering partner for:

- Design and layout of complete belt systems
- Modern belt conveyor design
- Calculation and development of belt conveyor systems in both underground and above ground mining and other industries
- Concept, design and production of bulk-material conveyor systems
- Optimization of existing belt conveyor systems

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