Scharfenberg Couplers for Monorails


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Type 330

Type 330

The Type 330 is used primarily in light rail and tram applications. It is small yet strong. Locating the electrical coupling underneath at the head is also possible. The coupler can transmit a buff load of 800 kN and a draft load of up to 600 kN.

Type 430

Type 430/530

Its especially compact and lightweight construction makes the Type 430/530 Scharfenberg coupler the ideal type of coupler for low-floor trams and monorails. As a folding coupler, it also fits behind front covers. It can transmit compressive and tensile forces of up to 300 kN. The type 530 was mainly developed for the Eastern German market and is compatible to the TGL couplers that used to be very common there.

Semi-Permanent Couplers


Semi-permanent coupler with attached collapsible tube

Mating coupler indicated

Kurzkupplung mit Luftkupplungen, E-Kupplung, Stoßverzehr und Abstützung

Semi-permanent coupler with air couplings, electrical coupling, impact absorber and support for transition


Semi-Permanent Coupler Principle

Scharfenberg semi-permanent couplers provide secure and safe connections within a trainset. Since coupling and uncoupling do not take place during normal operation, automatic operation is not necessary. Semi-permanent couplers can be equipped with impact-absorbing elements as well as with electrical and pneumatic couplings.


  • Rigid, backlash-free connection
  • Can connect pneumatic and electric lines
  • May also be used as an anti-climbing guard
  • Damps vehicle motion along the longitudinal axis
  • Optionally available with a support for the transition between coaches

The Heigts of Cool. Cooling Systems for Monorails

The Heigts of Cool. Cooling Systems for Monorails

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