Front End System CRH1-380, China

Front End System Including Nose Flaps, CRH1-380, China

An operating speed of 380 km/h makes this Chinese high speed train one of the world’s fastest commercially operated trains. It will play a key role on China’s growing high speed railwaynetwork. Apart from strength characteristics and safety, a main focus was set on energy efficient operation.

A close co-operation with the vehicle manufacturer right from the beginning of the design process allowed the components to be perfectly matched.

Comprehensively adapted to European conditions, the Zefiro platform is also used for Italy’s new high speed train. With an operating speed of 360 km/h, it will be one of the fastest trains in Europe. Designed to cover several supply voltages, a crossborder operation is possible.




Our Contribution



  • Front nose module including front hatches
  • Front hatch kinematics (automatic)
  • Type 10 automatic coupler
  • Semi-permanent couplers
  • Modular adapter coupler type 10 / AAR
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