Service for Voith Vessel Propulsion Systems

Service for Voith Vessel Propulsion Systems (VSP, VLJ, VIT, VIP, VRP and VTF)

Manufacturer service ensures the highest quality for your Voith propeller

The tailored service offered by Voith covers all of your individual needs in detail. This service ensures maximum availability of your Voith vessel propulsion systems - directly from the manufacturer. This will have a positive effect on the value of your investment. Our experienced service team will assist you with any questions you may have.

Our Offers

Service solutions for Voith Vessel Propulsion Systems

Genuine Voith Spare Parts

Nothing fits better

Genuine Voith Propeller Spare Parts

How you benefit:

  • Maximum availability of your propeller with proven Voith quality
  • State-of-the-art technology (design, materials) even for older propulsion products
  • Spare parts usually in stock for scheduled overhauls
  • Spare parts direct from the manufacturer that fit perfectly

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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul on Site

Fast and reliable

Voith Monteur beim Reparatureinsatz vor Ort

  • Efficient service carried out by our experienced staff who have unique product know-how
  • Voith Technicians have access to all available technical documentation and any regulations for our products
  • Cost-effective, condition-based overhauls through fast and safe decisions by our local experts
  • Direct access to all internal departments to aid in the resolution of complex maintenance tasks

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Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul @ Voith

In the best of hands

Overhaul of a Voith propeller at the factory

  • Comprehensive internal infrastructure such as machines and equipment for turning, milling, gear cutting, welding as well as heat treatment furnaces, everything for any size needed. This reduces lead times and improves quality.
  • Efficient repairs by our team of experts.
  • All detailed product information is readily available and ensures smooth order processing.
  • Independent quality assurance and test stands for test runs safeguard the proper functioning of our vessel propulsion systems - even before delivery. Only Voith offers this.

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Retrofit & Modernization

Performance improvement

Propeller control modernization of a Voith ship

  • Longer lifetime of your propeller through optimized components
  • Reduction in maintenance and costs
  • Improved energy efficiency and environmental compatibility
  • Improved fuel economy by converting your systems to use the current Voith control system

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Propeller control modernization of a Voith ship

Your Expert – in any situation

Voith expert advising a customer

Consulting and Engineering:

Experienced experts and Engineers readily available to answer your specific questions, such as:

  • Analysis and reduction of vibration and noise
  • Interpretation of oil sample reports including relevant instructions and recommendations
  • Interpretation of operating parameters, such as temperature and pressure
  • Improvement of the course stability of your vessel
  • Assessment of the condition of the propeller and recommendations for further operation

With the use of our technical service, you can avoid possible damage and unplanned downtime of your vessel.

Voith Marine trainer at training


Individual customer training on their own propellers as requested, for example:

  • Maintenance, basic repair and monitoring of propellers for continual reliable operation (Machinist)
  • Condition assessment of propellers for targeted planning of maintenance and repair (inspectors)
  • Structure and function of the propeller for correct identification of the necessary spare parts (procurer)
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