Torque Limiting Couplings

Torque Limiting Couplings, Torque Limiters

Torque limiting couplings from Voith protect all components in the driveline, allowing your equipment to work at a maximum level. In the event of a catastrophically high torque occurrence, the couplings interrupt the power flow in the driveline. This means that consequential damage and production downtime remain at a minimum. Special designs provide additional advantages to the production process.


Our product portfolio includes:

  • SafeSet – torque limiting coupling with instant release
  • SmartSet – process improving coupling with controlled slip
  • AutoSet – process improving coupling with controlled slip and automatic reset

Torque capacity available from 1 to 20 000 kNm

The SafeSet torque limiting coupling prevents machine damage in high value rotating equipment. It works like a mechanical fuse in the driveline by protecting the system from costly breakdowns. SafeSet is the most precise torque limiter available on the market used in multiple applications such as steel mills, tunnel drilling machines, crushers and many more.


  • Maximum driveline protection: damaging inertias disengage at once
  • Set torque remains constant over time
  • Quick resetting for maximum uptime
  • Tailor made to suit individual requirements


The main part of a SafeSet consists of a twin-walled pressure sleeve. Subsequently a pressure cavity is created inside the coupling. By pressurizing oil in the pressure sleeve, it will compress around the shaft and a perfect defined friction grip is created. In an overload situation, when the set torque is exceeded, the SafeSet releases instantly and the shear tube shears off.

The immediate reaction saves the driveline from serious damage and the coupling rotates freely on the bearings until standstill. The sheared shear tube is fast replaced and the coupling is re-pressurized, so that the drive system can go into operation again.

Design features:

  • Instant release in overload situations
  • Accurate release torque
  • Easy adjustable torque settings

SafeSet being pressurized
SafeSet following a release
Fatigue curve (S-N curve)


Typical release curve


SmartSet is a process improving coupling with controlled slip. SmartSet is a development of SafeSet with the additional ability to also slip without releasing to reduce short duration and dynamic peak torques.


  • Ability to reduce transient torques at start-up - the driveline does not have to cope with the
    extreme overloads it creates
  • Accurate and constant release torque - safe performance over time
  • Adjustable release torque - easy to use for safe commissioning or upgrade of the driveline

SmartSet SM-F/P

AutoSet is a process improving coupling with controlled slip and automatic reset. AutoSet handles short duration dynamic peak torques without releasing. It is completely automatic and resets itself.


  • Is preset to the required slip torque – easy installation and ready-to-use
  • It can slip approximately 180 degrees without fully releasing – and therefore cope with long
    duration overloads without interrupting the production
  • It automatically resets itself to the preset torque limit after a release. The downtime is a
    minimum, 1-5 minutes.


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