Voith Inline Thruster / Propulsor

Voith Inline Thruster and Voith Inline Propulsor for Offshore Applications

The Voith Inline Thruster (VIT) significantly improves vessel comfort and also increases the performance of transverse thrusters. Be it during Dynamic Positioning (DP) or maneuvering in the harbor – the VIT is always the right choice. In combination with a nozzle, the swing-out and fully controllable Voith Inline Propulsor (VIP) is designed both as main drive and as assist system in DP operation or tracking mode. Both the VIT and the VIP meet the requirements of the highest comfort class.

Efficient, silent and compact

Inline Thruster

For offshore applications, the VIT and the VIP as fitted with a central roller bearing system. The system features a well-proven design and material combination. The bearings are equipped with a leakage-free and redundant sealing system. The rotor blades have a fixed pitch and are made from bronze. This makes them extremely cavitation-resistant and enables them to meet the demands of ice class applications. Ventilation procedures have no negative impact on the VIT/VIP. The rotor blades are directly connected via an outer ring and decoupled from the stator via a water gap. This unique design of the VIT / VIP results in significantly reduced noise and vibration emissions.


The Voith scope of supply includes the entire system: tunnel, protective grid, flow elements as well as power and control electronics Voith is a systems supplier – your single point of contact.

Major advantages at a glance:

  • Environmentally friendly design with roller bearing system including bio-oil compatibility
  • Significant noise and vibration reduction
  • Significantly reduced space requirements
  • Reduced weight
  • No cooling system required
  • Optimized thrust to input power relation
  • Outstanding DP performance
  • VIT: equivalent thrust in both directions
  • VIP: optimized thrust characteristics for forward and astern operation
  • Unique propeller blade design for significantly reduced cavitation risk
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Low-maintenance system


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