TerraDry MG Express

TerraDry MG Express

Special thermal coating for MG Cylinders

TerraDry MG Express is a high performance coating for MG Cylinders specially designed to protect against excessive corrosion and wear, ensuring optimum conditions for glaze and gloss of the paper.

Producers of machine-glazed papers are often confronted with the need to reduce line loads or steam pressures due to a loss in wall thickness. TerraDry MG Express will freeze the optimum Yankee conditions through its ability to resist mechanical damage, abrasion and corrosion, extending the life of the cylinder. It is able to correct surface problems including severe cast porosity.

With TerraDry MG Express, Voith provides an extreme homogeneous structure which improves paper gloss and smoothness through its ability to protect the cylinder surface. This special thermal coating is resistant to all chemicals usually used in pulp and paper production and diluted caustic solutions.

Your benefits

  • Automatic correction of surface
  • High resistance to mechanical abrasion and corrosion
  • Preserving of cylinder profile
  • Longer cylinder life saving high capital expenditure
  • Extended re-grind intervals
  • Uniform cylinder performance and thermal profile
  • Increased paper glaze and smoothness


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