Reliable separation of abrasive contaminants


InduraHiClean (IDH) is a high-consistency cleaner that removes abrasive contaminants directly after the pulper. With the use of IDH cleaners, the wear of machines located downstream in the process – such as screens or deflakers – can be minimized.

BlueLine Advantages

Reduced Fiber Loss
Obstructive flocks are broken up to separate contaminants easily and reliably. The intermittent operation with a reject trap reduces the fiber loss to a bare minimum.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Since individual components are compatible across most cleaner sizes, fewer spare parts are needed. The Vortex Breaker significantly increases the life of the valves.

With InduraHiClean, the
separation starts in the headpiece. In order to break up existing flocks and prevent the agglomeration of fibers into new flocks, the incoming suspension is put into a vortex rotation with a high flow velocity. Without flocks blocking the way, the contaminants can be separated easily and reliably.

IDH cleaners are available in a standard version as well as a particularly wear-resistant version for high contaminant loads. The bottom cone, vortex breaker and reject trap are interchangeable between most cleaner sizes. Thus, the number of spare parts needed can be reduced, and in case of a high capacity increase, the number of new parts required is minimized. Thanks to the unique Vortex Breaker, no contaminants are rotating on the top valve of the trap during the discharge time. Thus, the life of the valves can be increased significantly.

For stringent separation efficiency requirements, the IDH cleaners can be combined in a two-stage protector system: InduraPro (IDP).


Thomas Jaschek

Global Product Manager

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Reliable Protection for Connected Machines - InduraHiClean and InduraPro

Reliable Protection for Connected Machines - InduraHiClean and InduraPro

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With the new BlueLine product line, customers profit from proven Voith quality in stock preparation and at the same time lower costs for the resources used. more


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