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Welcome to Voith in Sonthofen.

Since 1932, our global customers have associated the BHS brand name with market leading expertise in high-performance gear units and connection couplings. In Sonthofen, about 500 employees develop, design and manufacture these items on site. They appreciate the opportunity to work for a family-owned company, combined with the high recreational value of the Oberallgäu region. In Sonthofen, Voith offers promising perspectives. Does it appeal to you too?


J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG
Hans-Böckler-Str. 7
87527 Sonthofen
Tel. +49 (0)8321 802 0
Fax +49 (0)8321 802 689

Maximum precision for power transfer from the Allgäu area? BHS turbo gear units!

Measuring backlash to 1/100 of a millimeter.
Maximum precision and comprehensive know-how are necessary to reliably transfer power of more than 100,000 HP (80 MW) with a single gearbox while running at several thousand revolutions per minute. This is only possible with manufacturing accuracy of a few microns, special materials, sophisticated computing programs and a proven team of specialists with many years of experience! Voith in Sonthofen can offer all of this – and has done so for more than 80 years.
The BHS high-performance gearboxes, couplings and rotor turning gear units are individually adapted and available in various designs according to customer requirements. These Voith products are used in industrial systems, primarily for generating power or in the production, transport and processing of oil and gas.

Looking for career prospects? Come to Voith in Sonthofen!

Whether with customers or coworkers, teamwork is written with a capital T at Voith!
Voith provides its employees in Sonthofen with a range of occupational and career options, whether as an engineer, technician, skilled worker or other specialist. Combine a job at a global and family-owned technology company with the attractive recreation offered by Allgäu!
Voith has over 39,000 employees in more than 50 countries. This can provide outstanding prospects – right from the outset.

You can find the jobs available at Voith in Sonthofen and other locations here: jobs.voith.com

Looking for exciting occupational training?
You will find it at Voith in Sonthofen!

The modern, bright training workshop at Sonthofen.
In Sonthofen, we are looking for young people with enthusiasm, plenty of ideas and commitment – together we can move the world. Consequently, Voith in Sonthofen has been handling its own training for decades now.
With intensive personal assistance from the Voith trainers together with group tasks, everyone gains the required knowledge in our in-house training workshop and the engineering departments. Key competencies are also developed.

"To really tackle jobs and solve them together with others" – that's our prime motto!
Comprehensive, practical and at the highest technical level.
Applications are accepted until September 15 to start training in the following year.

Your application options:
More on education at Voith
Voith regularly has intern (trainee) positions available at Sonthofen. In this way, pupils can get a first look at an occupation.

What makes education at Voith in Sonthofen special?

Want to get to know an interesting employer while still in college?
Voith in Sonthofen is ready to help!

Dominik Patz, a mechanical engineering student with specialized practical work at the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, with Yvonne von Struensee, a graduate engineer (Dipl.-Ing.) of mechanical engineering in sales.
We offer exciting projects, comprehensive insight into the global market leader in turbo gear units and the chance to actively shape solutions right from the outset. Want to put the theory you have learned into practice while still in college?
You can get the opportunity to do just that at Voith in Sonthofen.
As a college student, you can work with us as an
  • intern or
  • student trainee and
  • write your graduation thesis.

We offer exciting projects, comprehensive insight into the global market leader in turbo gear units and the chance to actively shape solutions right from the outset.

Would you prefer a co-op course of study? We at Voith in Sonthofen, in cooperation with the Kempten University of Applied Sciences, offer a course of study with in-depth practical training and the degree of
  • Bachelor in mechanical engineering
  • Bachelor in industrial engineering with a major in mechanical engineering

You can find offers for internships, student trainee activities and graduate thesis work at Voith in Sonthofen at: jobs.voith.com

At the forefront of efficiency and reliability?
That is exactly what Voith in Sonthofen is researching and developing!

Hydrodynamic sleeve bearings are an important area of know-how in Sonthofen.
Voith in Sonthofen stands for competence in mechanical drive systems. The core areas of this are film bearing technology and serration engineering.
The goal of its research and development efforts is to make individual components and the "high-performance gearbox" system in the driveline more economical, more efficient, operationally reliable and environmentally-friendly. To do this, for example,
  • bearing and toothing designs are constantly being optimized,
  • simulation methods further refined,
  • maximum loads predicted with greater accuracy or
  • static and dynamic behaviors of bearings tested under real conditions.

In some areas, we can access resources and expertise within Voith and selectively increase our options.

Our key to your success?
Integrated staff development at Voith in Sonthofen!

Interpersonal skills in action: cooperative exchange between a supervisor and employees.
Through a range of staff development measures, we promote your technical, social and intercultural competences – in line with your own capabilities and disposition. Consequently, Voith in Sonthofen offers a broad program of internal and external ongoing training courses for employees in all levels of the hierarchy.
Whether in the technical or commercial fields, you can advance your career with us in various ways through commitment, aptitude and disposition.

Our goal is to allure people for Voith who want to work on the global challenges of our time in the long term with colleagues at the company. Will you soon be a part of this?

Balancing work and family?
At Voith in Sonthofen, it's a reality!

It is wonderful when there is still time for family after an intense day at work!
Work-life balance is an important question to us and an integral part of our personnel policy. We want to offer our employees an attractive workplace that matches the life situation of all. With this mindset, we create the potential for greater satisfaction and increased performance from our employees.
Our benefits package includes:
  • flexible working hours
  • childcare support
  • health promotion
  • retirement pension support


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Service sales

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Engineering area


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Christiane Reichart
Tel. +49 8321 802-618

Christiane Reichart
Tel. +49 8321 802-618

Cutting mechanics

Industrial mechanics

Technical product designers

Matti Konietzny

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Electronics technician in product engineering

Martin Feihl

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Industrial clerk

Christiane Reichart

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Thomas Bein
(Head of Purchasing and Logistics)
Tel. +49 8321 802-641

At a glance

The location

  • Founded in 1532
  • Around 500 employees
  • More than 20,000 turbo gear units built since 1932
  • Learn more about the city and the region:
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Art and classic mechanical engineering? Why not? You can find it at Voith in Sonthofen.

Space, the stars, galaxies and planetary fog – this might be the impression you get…
What does mechanical engineering or the manufacture of turbo gear units have to do with art? Nothing at all at first sight. With the love of detail that connects us to our products, there are a few special features that are in some way beautiful, graceful and fascinating. This involves shapes, colors and silhouettes.
You might like them too. "Art Meets Metal" is our motto.
Our photographer: Jürgen Bartenschlager,
Phone +49 8331 6400 412

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