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Reliable, competent, close at hand: Voith offers a diverse range of services and products for business and industry worldwide. As a global company we are able to draw on our knowledge and expertise from every continent to provide suitable results which allow your business to meet its full potential. The company is an essential partner for five key industries: Energy, Oil & Gas, Paper, Raw Materials and Transport & Automotive.

For many decades, Voith has been active on the Polish market. For example in 1923 Voith turbines were installed in one of the oldest hydroelectric power plant in the country and the famous Luxtorpeda trains which ran on the most important national rail routes in the 1930s were driven by Voith transmissions.

Voith Turbo - Specialist in Power Transmission

Day after day, Voith Turbo contributes to moving millions of people, goods and machines safely and economically. Our drive components and systems reliably transmit power in a wide variety of applications, including industrial plants, mines as well as road and rail vehicles.

Voith Turbo sp. z o.o. has been active on the Polish market since over 20 years. We provide essential technological solutions and first-class services wherever power has to be converted into controlled movement.

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Voith Digital Solutions

Engineering for the age of digitization

Increasing connectivity and digitization will revolutionize the way industries are developing, producing and delivering products and services, which will become smarter, more effective and efficient. Industrie 4.0 will result in higher productivity and offers major opportunities for manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

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Voith is a global provider of leading-edge technology and industrial services. Voith offers its Polish customers a broad portfolio of systems, products and services.

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