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POWER-GEN Europe 2017
Visit Voith at POWER-GEN Europe 2017 in Cologne from June 27 to 29, 2017. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth F17 in hall 8

Smarten Up Your Productivity

In keeping with the slogan “Smarten Up Your Productivity”, Voith offers the latest products and solutions. Amongst the highlights are our variable speed drives, turbo gear units as well as actuators and control systems. More recently, our new VECO-Drive as the most efficient way to control your compressor and pumps was introduced on June 18 in Shanghai. Come and see for yourself in hall8 booth F17.

Speed Control Takes a New Turn to the Future: The VECO-Drive

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The new VECO-Drive is an innovative solution combining a planetary gear with frequency controlled servo motors. The electrical superimposing gear is the most efficient way to make speed variable. Servo motors are used to drive a planetary gear. Since they need only a small part of rated power, an overall component effi ciency of more than 97 percent is reached.

This saves valuable energy and reduces operating expenditures every day. Get to know the most efficient way to control your compressors and pumps at our booth.


The new VoreconNX includes an optimized torque converter which provides efficient speed control. In accordance with the proven Vorecon superimposing principle, this uses only a small part of the input power. Depending on the speed required, this power is fed back to the driveline by way of the planetary gear on the driven side. Adjustable pump blades in the torque converter provide the control – stepless and wear-free. A parallel shaft gear on the output side adapts the output speed to the compressor.

You benefit in particular from: The economic solution in the lower power range up to 10 MW, 48 years mean time between failures (MTBF), 8% higher efficiency at part load.

BHS AeroMaXX for Turbo Gears

Easy upgrad for turbo gears. The purely passive-mechanical solution can be installed in a new gear unit or provided as a simple retrofit, even on-site within a short period of time. The operational characteristic of the turbo gear unit shall remain unaffected. The BHS AeroMaXX technology increases the efficiency of your Voith or Non-Voith gear unit up to 30 %. See for yourself if your application or project is suitable with our suitability indicator.

TurCon DTC and SelCon

The TurCon DTc is a compact, cost-effective steam turbine controller which can be used on mechanical driven machines or generator applications. It is pre-engineered with standard software.

The SelCon is a self-contained, electrohydraulic linear actuator with a spring-assisted trip function. This innovative actuator is a reliable plug-and-play solution.

SmartSet torque-limiting coupling

The SmartSet coupling is a torque-limiting coupling with additional slip feature. The centrifugal device is activated by the rotational speed of the driveline. This enables the coupling to slip during short-term high torques, that are an inherent part of many applications.

The product portfolio includes the SmartSet torque-limiting couplings, SafeSet, SlipSet and AutoSet.

CMS 310

The CMS 310 Coupling Monitoring System makes it possible to supervise and monitor a torque limiting coupling. The CMS control unit continuously calculates the slip angle and sends a signal into a monitored supervision system indicating how much the coupling has slipped. The status information can then be used to quickly identify any need for action.


With more than 15 000 units in use, the Voith variable speed fluid coupling re¬presents one of the best documented options for controlling the speed of driven machines. These units generally have a service life of several decades. They can be deployed in areas ranging from high-efficiency gas and steam combined cycle power plants, to refineries and the highly demanding oil platform environment, as well as numerous fan applications.

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