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We offer two major areas within our information system.

In the Parts Catalog area, you will find spare parts lists with corresponding pictures. Thanks to the direct links between the images and spare parts lists, you can find your spare part quickly and easily. Simply look for the required spare part within the corresponding picture, click it, and the information on the spare part is displayed in the parts list.

The Documentation area provides a comprehensive set of reference works for your service activities on Voith products. From oil release lists to installation guidelines and conversion instructions to service manuals, you will find all critical specifications and helpful information on the respective product.

A Text search function supports you in finding information.

User information

    From here you can select the language of the spare parts list, documents and user interface. You may select among the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. If the required information (spare parts list, document) is not available in the selected language, the corresponding English information is displayed automatically.
    1. Click on Start to open the information system.
    2. In the menu bar you can select items from the sections Parts Catalog, Documentation and Search.

    Important information regarding the Shopping Basket function: The Shopping Basket function is for our service partners in Germany only. Do not use this function for your orders – you will not receive any items.

    3. The Parts Catalog is sorted by product types. Clicking the mouse in front of a product type opens the spare parts lists with the associated pictures.
    The pictures are linked to the underlying parts list with hotspots. Item numbers marked in green are subassemblies with multiple components; individual components are marked in yellow.

    Click on an item number displayed in red. Information in the parts list about the corresponding component is marked in blue. You can also click on a row of information in the parts list, and the corresponding item number, marked in red, is displayed in a corresponding image.

    4. The section Documentation is sorted by product types. Clicking on the cross in front of the product type opens a list with the documents available for this product type.

    Click on the document to open. You may also print or save it to your PC.
    5. With the Search function, you can perform a text search in the parts catalog, in the documentation, or both (combined search). Click to select the required Search Area and enter the Voith part number, the name of the required component, or the relevant term in the specified Search Fields.
    The more fields you complete, the more specific the search results. Clicking on the individual search results will take you directly to the relevant location in the spare parts list or document.
    By using the Search in selection field, you can limit your search to a specific product type or document. For example, you can search in a document for a specific term or dimension.


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