Making the invisible visible

NipVision enables online and real time measurement using the latest roll cover technology to measure nip pressure, profile and temperature while the paper machine is running.

The exact processes in a nip cannot be detected when a paper machine is running and until now also could not be measured. However, these processes are extremely important for producing high-quality paper. This is exactly where NipVision comes into play. Glass fibers embedded in roll covers make the invisible visible for the very first time and thus measurable as well.

The data obtained with NipVision is wirelessly transmitted to a computer equipped with customized software. The effect of setting changes on the paper machine can be checked live and if necessary corrected. However, NipVision does not just transmit information regarding the nip pressure, but also information about the roll cover itself. The continuous temperature measurements improve safety by giving an early warning about possible roll cover problems, so that sudden roll cover failures due to cover detachment are minimized.

Measurement of the NipVision system can be tailored to specific areas of concern in the nip and also be adapted to your individual requirements. NipVision is suitable for all applications without modifying the cover design and may be used in all paper machine sections. With the inductive energy supply no other source of energy is required to transfer continuous data during operation.