Optimization options for LC cleaners

Optimization options for LC cleaners

Increase cleaning efficiency to save resources

Is your goal to increase efficiency in the cleaning process without costly new investments? Save valuable resources with our rebuild solutions and at the same time improve the performance of your existing system.


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Optimization options for LC cleaners

Optimization options for LC cleaners

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EcoMizer technology

EcoMizer™ 改造方案


将除渣器系统改造成福伊特的 EcoMizer 系统后,可显著减少纤维流失、能耗和堵塞问题。此外,还能提高清洁效率。





除渣器快拆EcoMizer 的改造

  • 减少70%的纤维流失
  • 操作稳定
  • 安装快速简单
  • 适合所有的福伊特及第三方的除渣器


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LightPlus Upgrade 

Small expense – big effect

A LightPlus upgrade transforms your standard LC cleaner into a combination cleaner, which removes lightweight contaminants and also has a positive impact on paper quality.



With a LightPlus upgrade your standard LC cleaner also removes specific lightweight contaminants from the suspension. It is installed on top of the existing LC cleaner and is a great value alternative to a large investment in extensive new lightweight cleaning systems.

Lightweight contaminants feature lower specific weights than fibers and tend to collect in the center of the fiber flow on their way to the accepts outlet. To prevent them from staying in the accepts suspension, LightPlus features an additional outlet for light contaminants. Your new combination cleaner thus ensures improved paper quality and a smooth downstream process at minimal investment costs.  

Your benefits

  • Improved paper quality
  • Minimal investment costs
  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Improvement in efficiency of downstream processes
  • Space-savings solution
  • Reduced maintenance outlay 
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