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Productivity increase through CFRP Rolls in the Paper Industry


Rising operating and raw material costs are forcing paper manufacturers to continually optimize their paper machines. Guide rolls made of steel are often operated above their capacity limits, which can result in vibrations and thermal deformations.

Lightweight CFRP rolls are able to meet these demanding requirements. Unlike steel, the strength and rigidity of CFRP rolls can be adapted to the specific requirements without altering the installation space. Moreover, the much lower density ensures a significant weight reduction. CFRP components also offer a range of other benefits, like low thermal expansion or excellent running properties.

Composites are typically used for various guide rolls along the entire paper manufacturing process in the paper industry.



Innovative Composite Wire Guide Rolls for Wafer Production in the Solar Industry


The focus of our customers in the solar industry is on the generation of clean and sustainable energy. Sunlight is converted to electrical energy by photovoltaic power plants. Silicon wafers, for example, are used for the manufacture of these photovoltaic cells.

Voith Composites develops carbon fiber reinforced wire guide rolls for a wide range of wire cutting machines worldwide. The excellent running properties, combined with high level damping, are just two of the many benefits of these CFRP products over steel.

A lightweight design reduces the mass inertia and also - in combination with the low thermal expansion - the load on the motor and bearings. The lower deflection guarantees much more accurate cutting results.

Machines equipped with CFRP wire guide rolls achieve a reduction in energy consumption and higher operating speeds.



Manufacturing Solutions

Special machine solutions for composites textiles

 The systems can be designed for small or large quantities. Voith Composites supplies individual system modules, submachines and complete production lines to its customers. Existing interfaces (mechanical / electrical/ information technology) can be adapted or implemented, depending on the application or operator environment. We specialize in the following applications:

  • Direct fiber placement
  • Spreading / compressing / cutting / gripping / monitoring fibers
  • Application / activation binder
  • Forming flat textiles (preforming)
  • Impregnation of tapes

Voith Composites uses common CAD, programming and documentation systems (e.g. Catia, Inventor, Siemens TIA Portal) for efficient project implementation. In order to reduce programming and start-up times, digital function / simulation models can be implemented in advance or in parallel, depending on requirements.

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