1. Introduction and statement of principles

The trust that we receive from our customers, owners, employees and the public depends critically on the conduct of each individual in the company. It is based upon strict compliance with the law and with all of our internal rules.

Voith is aware of its responsibility to society, and it acts accordingly. We recognize the duty of our company and our employees to serve the common good. The purpose of this Code of Conduct is therefore to summarize the norms that must be observed by Voith employees worldwide in order to ensure the continuation of the company’s long tradition of honesty and decency. The Code is also meant to serve as a guide to employees, helping them to act within their own responsibility for the good of the company. This responsibility is both a privilege and a duty. Each employee must ensure that his or her conduct is always in keeping with the rules set forth here. Our managers must not only communicate these rules in an effective manner, they must lead by example and demand compliance from their subordinates. They are the first to be consulted if there are any questions about this Code.

This Code of Conduct is part of our risk management system as set forth in Corporate Guideline 03/01, which has the purpose of protecting Voith and each of its employees. The Code describes a minimum standard which can be augmented regionally in accordance with stricter local legal requirements and cultural customs. In cases where, in addition to this Code, Voith has issued separate corporate guidelines on special matters, they shall remain applicable as supplementary regulations. The currently valid corporate guidelines are available on the Compliance Intranet page, where they can be printed out.

This Code is valid for all employees of the Voith Group worldwide. In addition, Voith expects other persons hired by the company (trainees, consultants) to adhere to it.

The regulations contained in this code shall be applicable to relationships between each of the companies in the Voith Group and its employees. It shall not constitute a basis of third-party rights.

The Compliance Committee shall have final authority to decide any disputed issues related to this Code.

This Code of Conduct replaces the previous Corporate Guideline 01/07.