Help for children and young people in Nepal

Voith supports the association ”Future for Nepal”

Ever since the adoption of their Nepalese daughter in 2008, orphans in Nepal have been a matter close to Herwig Jantschik and Petra Pachner's hearts.

When the international financial crisis hit Nepal with full force in 2009, the orphanage in Kathmandu, where their daughter had lived, had to be closed due to lack of donations. In addition, the landlord died, and the heirs wanted to sell the house. Since the purchase price could not be paid, alternatives had to be created. Jantschik and Pachner committed themselves to building an orphanage 80 km away from Kathmandu for the 73 homeless children. Thus, the initiative "Voithians for Nepal" was launched. To provide the children with a technical education after school, the association “Future for Nepal” began on building a training workshop, and Voith donated woodworking machinery for the workshop.

Social responsibility Voith - #VoithCares - Help for children and young people in Nepal
Soziale Verantwortung Voith - #VoithCares - Help for children and young people in Nepal

In 2015, a severe earthquake shook the region. Voith provided earthquake relief so that 6,000 students from the remote mountain schools in the Dhading district could be equipped with school supplies and uniforms. Voith used donations from the “Future for Nepal” association to pack large tents, camp beds, food and former stainless-steel tableware from Voith Gastro.

Since the reconstruction of the region, Voith and Voith employees have donated further funds and machines for the orphans. Today, 18 orphans are cared for in an orphanage, for whom Voithians have also taken on sponsorships.

For the education of the children, there is now a woodworking and a metalworking workshop, a general and a vocational school, a hostel for the trainees and a small administration and seminar building. Currently, a second wood workshop is being built, where youth will learn about the construction of earthquake-proof, half-timbered houses.

Welders are already being trained in the workshop. A curriculum is currently being developed to train hydropower service technicians, a training course that will be offered for the first time in Nepal starting in 2022. There are also plans to train plumbers and electricians. In a train-the-trainer program, trainers employed in Nepal will receive further training at the Voith Training Center in Heidenheim, Germany.

Soziale Verantwortung Voith - #VoithCares - Help for children and young people in Nepal
All this is and was only possible because Voith actively joined our private initiative on various levels and thus enabled a kick-start that led to further successes. Without Voith, the project would not be conceivable in this way.
Herwig Jantschik, social consultant at Voith

There are many ways to get involved:

Those who want to get involved can donate time and know-how to provide volunteer technical training for the trainers in Nepal. The same applies to the general education school in Nepal right next to the training center. Volunteers can also donate time to teach the students English or German.

The “Future for Nepal” Association is happy to receive donations to implement all the upcoming projects.

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