Voith offers kids camps to support employees’ families

Together with its sponsoring partners Fechtzentrum Heidenheim, Heideköpfe Heidenheim and Kunstmuseum Heidenheim, Voith again offered three camps for children of Voith employees during the summer of 2023. Whether it was fencing at the fencing center in Heidenheim; hitting balls at the HellensteinEnergie Ballpark with the Heideköpfe in Heidenheim; or doing crafts at the Heidenheim Art Museum – the children had plenty of fun.

The kids camp for the fencers kicked off in the first days of the summer in Baden-Württemberg. In addition to an introduction to fencing, the camp focused on exercises for footwork and speed, among other things, before the kids had the opportunity to duel in full fencing gear.

“Hit the ball hard …” was the motto of the baseball kids camp this year. Heideköpfe National League players Mitch Franke, Drew Janssen, Jared Mortensen and Timo Plitz taught the children, with a lot of heart and soul, the skills that are important in baseball. For three days, the kids practiced hitting, throwing and catching and improved their physical condition. In games, the participants were able to directly apply what they had learned.

To conclude the kids camps in 2023, an art kids camp was held for the first time this year. The children explored the historic castle rooms of the Heidenheim Art Museum and marveled at the displayed paper artworks. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to unleash their creativity and passionately craft their own paper artworks in the rooms of the castle studio.